The Sun Shines East

“Powerful…Chateau has written an incredibly honest and provocative play that gives a fair hearing to all sides of this situation….”

“a beautiful, heartfelt story… The heartwarming message was conveyed by the brilliant acting on stage. …This couple’s story certainly deserves to be shared with the world…a great play on so many levels….this show was inspiring….”

“beautifully written by Corinne Chateau….a touching story…we highly recommend it for all audiences”

“a heartfelt and nuanced representation of motherhood, and …eye-opening.”

‘In the Sun Shines East, Christine, a NY actress who has suffered a series of miscarriages, finds herself drawn “East” to the Republic of Georgia with the idea of adopting a child.  Convincing a somewhat reluctant husband is one thing. The bigger obstacle is her mother’s voice echoing inside her head telling Christine she is not meant to be a mother.  Love conquers all it would seem when she and her husband fall in love with a baby girl and make plans to bring her home.  Little do the couple realize that as they are finalizing the papers Georgia is passing new laws, stopping all foreign adoption.  Now the real challenge begins.’